Hearing aids can be categorized into six basic groups



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Osteophone Glasses

Acoustic Earrings

Nano Headphones

unrecognizable person with hearing degeneration holding two hearing aids in his hand
Young man with hearing aid

Hearing Aids

Behind the ear headphones (BTE)
  • BTE models are available for all degrees of hearing difficulty and as the name suggests, can be worn comfortably behind the ear.
  • These models are available in many different colors, styles and designs.
Elderly woman wearing a hearing aid
In The Ear (ITE) headphones
  • These models are specially made to fit the shape of your ear, with the maximum benefit and the best possible comfort.
  • Available in many skin tones, they are discreet and very effective. Smaller models fit in your ear and are almost invisible.
  • These models are suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.
Male doctor applying hearing aid to senior woman ear in clinic at retirement home
Open Application Headphones (RIC)
  • These models are smaller than standard BTE standards and are available for mild to severe hearing loss.
  • They can be worn comfortably behind the ear.
  • These models are available in many different colors, styles and designs.
Baby girl wearing a hearing aid. Disabled child, disability and deafness concept

Whether talking to loved ones, colleagues or listening to music – a headset helps many hearing-impaired women to be confident in their lives again.

EORA listening jewelry is beautiful earrings with a built-in and hidden, high fidelity hearing aid.

These beautiful accessories will boost your personality as they enhance your beauty and style while helping you with the wonderful sounds of life.

Until now, the classic hearing aids were either too heavy, too loud or did not produce enough sound.

Meet with us the very large collection of jewelry. Each piece of jewelry hides a small, powerful hearing aid developed with state-of-the-art Swiss technology!

enjoy your walk in nature, listen to the music you like, chat easily with your loved ones…

PHONAK’s new invisible nano series brings you in touch with the world of sounds!

The advanced technology of nano models offer aesthetic superiority but also acoustic advantages in two types:

DIC (deep-In-Canal)
the headset is applied deep in the ear canal and close to the eardrum – completely invisible – while the hearing system automatically adapts to different listening situations.

mini CIC (completely-In-Canal)
is placed at the bottom of the external auditory canal. In this case, there is a possibility of manual mode in which you can choose, through a button, between several listening programs.

Their “smart” microtechnology ensures absolute clarity of speech even in noisy environments. They fit snugly into the ear canal and direct the sounds directly inside, while the natural directionality of the ear canal remains unaffected by the hearing aid.

The nano models will offer you a unique listening experience and a new everyday life full of sounds!

Glasses - Osteophones

The osteophone is attached to the glass frame so that there is nothing inside the cochlear cavity